5 Reasons to be an Astronaut for Halloween

It’s 2018 and this is my third Halloween being an astronaut. I stand by my purchase decision 100%. So, here are five reasons you should be an astronaut this year.

1. The Benefits of a Jumpsuit.

Can’t keep your Hammer pants up? Get a jumpsuit and Let’s Get It Started in low Earth orbit. 😉 Also, no need for a candy bag when you can collect your snickers in your jumpsuit.

2. No Angry Moms

So listen, I like the sexy cheetah costume as much as the next guy, however, my Mom doesn’t quite share my enthusiasm.

On the other hand, astronauts are universally celebrated and will guarantee approval from any Mom and all the candy you can fit into your jumpsuit. Plus, any astronaut is a sexy astronaut so at least you don’t have to give that up.

3. Astronauts are prepared for any weather

Some Halloween costumes might not be suitable for all environments and I’m not sure if you know this, but space is cold as shit! And incredibly similar to late October.

4. Who doesn’t want an Astronaut at their party?

Here’s a list of parties that become 10 times cooler when an astronaut shows up:

  • a Halloween Party
  • a Birthday Party
  • a New Years Eve Party
  • a Batchelor Party
  • a Bachelorette Party
  • a Wedding Reception
  • a Funeral Reception
  • EVERY.
  • OTHER.
  • PARTY.

5. Frankly, it’s stellar.

Whether or not you’re an actual astronaut, having a spacesuit in your closet is an essential. Its versatile one piece set up and the easy-to-match-with white or neon orange colors are unparalleled in today’s Halloween costumes.

Happy (almost) Halloween,