Life: 10% What Happens, 90% How You React To It

Have you ever had a bad day, not because something bad happened to you but just because?

That shows how big of an impact our reactions and perception of things are. You can look at a flower and think of it as a waste of space, or you can look at a flower and see how beautiful it is.

Both positive and negative perceptions affect our day in a major way, however, we tend to be affected most by the negative reactions we have to the point of overwhelming the good ones.

Take the commute to work or class, for example, you might accept the suckage and spend the time thinking about how much easier life would be if you figured out how to make a teleportation device and let that frustration affect your mood the rest of the day.


Accept that you will probably spend a lot of the time in your life traveling and start enjoying the journey rather than thinking about how much it sucks until it’s over.

Our emotions have the ability to whisk us away from any rational decision making, so here’s what I do…

Whenever something small really infuriates me the biggest question I ask myself is: how much did that really affect my life? For the most part, it ends up being no effect or all contingent upon my reaction.

Keep this in mind when you find something that really makes your day bad. Then drop it. Don’t let your shitty morning dictate the rest of your day.