Making Millions with Your Eyes Closed

Something I’ve noticed from listening to successful people tell their stories is that money tends to be an afterthought for most. Very rarely will you find an entrepreneur with a successful company, who is more focused on their bank account than their mission.

That’s mostly because making a million dollars is just the result of providing value to a million people.

But, that’s where some people fall short in their businesses. Instead of thinking about customers as someone they’re solving a problem for; they think of those people as 10 dollars in the bank and 10 dollars closer to their million.

The concept of making a million while not looking fits well into the way tech startups have worked since the whole internet thing came about. While they may have taken the don’t pay attention to the money thing a bit far during the Dot-com Boom, the value of placing a focus on what you can do for the customer rather than wondering what that customer looks like in your bank account is an important lesson for anyone.

Focus on giving value to others and value will come to you.